Flying to Amsterdam Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in Europe and plays an important role in the region’s air transportation network. It serves as a hub for major airlines such as KLM, Delta Air Lines, and easyJet and offers a wide range of international flight connections.

Schiphol is well-connected to major cities across Europe, including London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Madrid. It is also well-connected to other regions of the world, including North America, Asia, and the Middle East. With its extensive network of flight connections, Schiphol has become an important gateway for travellers to and from Europe.

Schiphol is convenient located only 9 kilometres of Amsterdam city centre and therefor connected to the city centre by trains, buses and taxis.  

The fastest and cheapest way from Amsterdam Schiphol to the city centre is with the train from the NS, it takes you to Central station in 20 minutes.

You can also chose the direct trains from Schiphol to Antwerp, Brussel, Paris and even London.

Two other options you can chose for flying to The Netherlands are Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport. Both smaller airports, but well connected for flights within Europe.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is located 5 kilometres north of the city centre of Rotterdam. It is the second busiest airport in the Netherlands and serves the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Travelers can reach the city centre from the airport by taking a taxi or by using the local train or bus services.

The fastest and cheapest way from Rotterdam Airport to the city centre is with RET bus 33 direction Overschie. This bus will bring you to central station within 20 minutes.

Another option is to take the shuttle bus to metro station Meijersplein/Airport and take line E direction Slinge.

If you want to go to The Hague you can take the metro line E in direction to Den Haag Centraal. This line will take you to the central station of The Hague in 25 minutes.

Eindhoven Airport  

Eindhoven Airport is the third busiest airport in The Netherlands and the Airport for the budget airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air and Easyjet. The airport offers a wide ranges of flights to almost all European countries.

Eindhoven Airport is located 7 kilometres from the City centre of Eindhoven. From the Airport you can take bus 400 and 401 to reach the central station within 25 minutes.

From the central station you can reach Rotterdam in 1 hour and Amsterdam in 1,5 hour by train.

If you are driving it will take you around 1.5 hour to reach both cities.   

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